The Adventures of Jack P. Jarrett

Almost 3


(photo credit Josh Jarrett, at the Food Truck Rodeo)

So here is our boy, almost three years old.

He is strong willed, playful, mischievous, and always on the go. When we go for a walk, we run. When we go to the store, I have to stay on my toes, and it’s never a relaxing endeavor. I am totally against toddler leashes, but if I were for it, Jack would have one. It would make things easier…because keeping up with a kid like Jack can be exhausting. I am not a lazy parent, so I am up for the challenge. 

He can be so so sweet. “I wuv you!” is said daily. He lately has been really really upset about accidentally hitting a friend at school in the head with a train. When Josh and I ask how he is feeling, he says “Jack sad…” a lot, which got us a little concerned. We ask him why, and most times he says “I hit Drew in the head with a train”. He has been mourning this event for over two weeks now. He felt so badly about it!

I asked him today if he got in trouble today at school (he often does). He said “yes.” I asked him what he did, and he said in his broken english “I need keep shoes on”. You see, he’s been getting in trouble for taking his shoes off. He feels so badly by it. I think we have a sensitive boy on our hands.

 He is getting closer and closer to being potty trained. He needs a lot of prompting still…and doesn’t know his body’s signal for #2 (I have to see the signs and rush him into the bathroom), but he’s getting there. 

He is flourishing with the alphabet, counting and spanish. He spontaneously counts 1-10 in spanish. He is always singing the alphabet, and knows 95% of the sounds each letter makes. He has read “Me, my, house, and cars”. His verbal skills aren’t the greatest yet, but we have seen HUGE improvement in the past six months. 

He is still very much obsessed with firetrucks, cars, and enjoys playing with his little fireman figures, putting them in the big firetruck and  with his imaginext police/firestation toy. He loves all the Disney movies we have shown him, and lately took extra interest in Frankenweenie, the Tim Burton film. 

He likes to wave at strangers, and has shown no sign of shyness. He LOVES his Papa and Cici, and really misses them if we don’t see them in a week. He requests to say goodnight to Beaker and Marxy every night (after Josh and Matt). 

He loves “Brown Nuk”, which is actually chocolate almond milk. He also likes “Pink Nuk”, which is strawberry and honey greek kurfir. He is a pescetarian like Josh and me, basically because he would rarely eat the meat at school when it was offered. He is now on the vegetarian plan because he wouldn’t eat the meat (his choice). We eat fish 4-5 times a week, and we make sure to eat fish that is low in mercury. He loves strawberries, black berries, blue berries, and most fruit we offer him actually. 

He is a boy of routine. If we stray from routine, we all feel the effects. It ain’t pretty. 

He is very very spoiled. We are looking forward to when we can give Jack a sibling because I think it would be very good for him being he is an only child right now, and an only grandchild on Josh’s side. 

We are joining the cream of the crop fitness center (Lifetime Fitness Cary), and we will be spending the spring and summer in the pool learning to swim, playing in the gym, practicing soccer on their turf field, and indoors, and he will also get to enjoy staying in their huge daycare center where he can play with older children, and see them do things that he may want to learn. I think it’s so good for children to have older children to look up to. I am excited for the opportunities this place will give us.

I can’t believe Jack is almost three… What a whirlwind! Time has never gone faster. 

I love my son’s blossoming personality. He is adventurous, wild, thoughtful, impulsive, and very smart. He is a challenge, and always has been. Even though we have to put him in time out for not listening occasionally, he is always deeply sorry. “Sworry” with a big frown as he comes to hug you with deep apology. He doesn’t mean to be bad all the time…he is just so impulsive. We have noticed him using some restraint lately, and we know this is very normal for 2-3 years old.

I will try to post more often, for my own records as well. I love blogging because it’s a journal easily found. I recently read my pregnancy blog, and was blown away by how much I have already forgotten. I want to always remember these times, and blogging is a great way to do this. 

I obviously don’t have hundreds of people reading this blog, and this blog was never intended for me to make money with sponsored posts etc. like popular mommy blogs do. This blog is intended for me, and my family in Canada who unfortunately is too far to know the little details of Jack. 

And to Jack in the future (weird how he will be able to read this when he is older), I want you to know I am writing these stories not because I want to embarrass you, but because I want to remember every little detail of you. Your little feet and long toes, and the funny mispronounced words you say. I can’t wait to see you grow, but there’s a part of me that wishes you could just stay this age forever. 

And that’s that. 


It’s been a while

I haven’t posted much on this blog lately. This I will change. Jack has changed so much in the past year…it’s wild. I’ll update soon. Life is busy…and it’s about to get busier with our new family gym membership (that I am super super excited about). Anyways, I’ll do a proper blog tonight. I am about to get Jack’s bath ready!

Now for music… This is his dance move.